Sodium Infused Garbage Tasting Nightmare

Author Tod B. Goldberg joins me on another edition of WAYWO.TV, there’s a book featured here that’s ADORABLE, and BJ gives himself (and you?) a pep talk.

Oh, God. We’re back. Has it been a week already?

Shit. I have like, no idea what I’m going to put here today.

And you know what’s funny? Today was the day I set aside to work on my book.

As you might have guessed, that didn’t happen either.

I’m doing what I can. We all are. You are too.

I see you and appreciate you.

Almost a million people died from COVID. And those are the ones we know about.

And yet here we are, complaining about not being able to get the right brand of V8 because you need to drink one for health reasons and the other one is just a garbage, sodium fueled nightmare that shouldn’t legally be allowed to be put in a can.

But I digress.

My point is: You are still here. Still standing. Still working. And you are doing it all in times that are most definitely not “normal”.

It’s like we’re getting a replay of all the bad parts of the 20th Century right now.

So, give yourself a pat on the back.

Or do what I’m going to do after I press “schedule issue” on this newsletter: Smoke a nice big bowl from your Air Vape X.

(Yes. I brought the fancy-ass vape because the people at The New York Times/Wirecutter told me to last year.)

You have made it through another week.

And so have I.

Cheap Plugs: WAYWO.TV

I fucking love that purple light.

NYT Bestselling Author and co-host of Literary Disco, Tod. B. Goldberg joined me this week for a taping of WAYWO.TV. This was a really fun interview. So much so that I had to rush it online ahead of some of the earlier ones. You can watch it in full over at WAYWO’s YouTube channel.

One huge challenge I have right now: I’m in the process of recording almost 200 episodes of WAYWO. Nearly one a day. Sometimes two or three if it’s a Friday.

There is so, so much video content being made that I had zero plans for.

So, this is my way of saying there’s a bit of a backlog. Not only for the audio for the podcast version but for the video for the YouTube channel.

I’m doing what I can!

Currently Reading

Get the audiobook. It’s short, and if you listen to it on 1.25x speed, you’ll get through it in under two hours. I realize that doing so will completely defeat the purpose of listening to this book.

But … Look, I got shit to do, you know?

(Seriously though. This is a great book. The audiobook in particular is adorable. The guy reading it does a GREAT Eeyore.)

Keep In Touch

I have to say, I get dozens of newsletters a day. None of them are funny. Intentionally.

So, as I know at least one reader has reported it does, I hope this email gives you a cheap laugh or two.

Maybe even a giggle.

Shit’s hard.

You don’t need another dour email.

So how about a weird, funny one from some guy you met on the Internet?

Until next week. Here are all the ways to get in touch.




B.J. Mendelson is the author of “Social Media Is Bullshit” from St. Martin’s Press.

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B.J. Mendelson

B.J. Mendelson is the author of “Social Media Is Bullshit” from St. Martin’s Press.