Why It’s Ok to Have an Enemy (And How to Find One)

B.J. Mendelson
3 min readAug 23, 2022


My ADHD is out of control this week. So. I’m going to keep this week’s email on the short side.

If you like what I do, I hope you’ll check out my podcast, WAYWO.TV. This week I will be joined by Christina Chong from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Ok. Onto the important stuff:

Do you have an enemy?

You should.

Not like, a for real enemy. I don’t want you getting into knife fights or anything, you know?

You do you. But this is a non-knife fight advocating email.

No. The enemy I’m talking about is usually a thing that your customer is fighting against.

So for example, my job with this newsletter, the podcasts, and my books, is to turn you into a real-life superhero.

Not like, with powers or anything.

But in terms of making and sharing great art without being encumbered by the large corporate conglomerates.

Art creates empathy. The world needs empathy. Empathy saves lives. Therefore, YOU are a superhero that saves lives through your art, and I’m here to help you make the best art you can in front of the biggest audience possible.

So my enemy with each of these products are the things that prevent you (the customer) from achieving your goals (making great art or products that light and move the world.)

Does that make sense?

Like, my enemy in this newsletter is that creators and entrepreneurs don’t often know how to promote their stuff successfully. So the enemy is a lack of marketing education among my audience.

In my podcast WAYWO.TV, a lot of creators (myself included) often feel alone and that they’re creating their work in a vacuum. The enemy for WAYWO is the loneliness and anxiety often faced by creatives and entrepreneurs.

In my upcoming books on privacy and personal finance, the enemies are the loss of the ability to work in private (privacy), and the lost time not working on your art because you have to work on other things to pay the bills (the money book.)

There are enemies everywhere.

And if you’re like, “This makes sense for a product, BJ, but not my comic book on intergalactic space exploration starring Cats in tiny little rockets and tiny little space suits.” I would say that you’re wrong.

Because all good art is about something.

So, what was the thing that caused you to write that comic? What was the theme of the story?

I’m writing a comic right now with David Gallaher that, on the surface, is an homage to Galaxy Quest.

So, how would I go about finding an enemy?

Well, the comic is actually about the slow-motion coup the fascists in the GOP are currently trying to orchestrate on a state-wide level and how to stop them using non-violent civil disobedience.

That’s my enemy. The fascists.

And then I’d get involved politically on a local level.

This way, you’re talking the talk with your art but you’re also walking the walk with your actions.

That’s the kind of thing people look for and gravitate towards. This is what we want, because this newsletter is about growing your audience.

So, ask yourself what your art is about, and then within that answer, you will find an enemy.

And if you still need help, reply to this email, and let’s talk about it.


That’s all.

Be good.


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B.J. Mendelson

B.J. Mendelson is the author of “Social Media Is Bullshit” from St. Martin’s Press.